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At AMGD, we're not just a tech company; we're pioneers in transforming the F&B industry through the power of e-commerce and artificial intelligence. Here's a glimpse of our ground-breaking innovations, all on one page, to revolutionise your culinary experience.

1. AMGD Community Gives Back

AMGD Community Gives Back, established in 2017, one year after AMGD's launch in Singapore and Hong Kong, is dedicated to various initiatives, including providing healthy food for low-income families, creating innovative meals for cancer and diabetic patients, offering employment opportunities for intellectually disabled individuals, and extending meal support to those living in rental blocks. Expired credits will be donated to our charity beneficiaries via this service.

2. AMGD Gift Pass

You are self-disciplined and you would like to rally your loved ones to practice daily healthy habits just like you. What better way to say "I care about you" than to nourish them with AMGD Gift Pass!

  • Choose from 3 gift passes: Sparkle, Shine and Dazzle.
  • Enter details for you and the recipient.
  • Include a note!
  • Proceed to checkout.

3. AMGD Market

AMGD Market is designed for returning customers to accumulate points which could be used to redeem exclusive merchandise. You can also use your points to redeem promo codes to offset payment for your next AMGD pass purchase or purchases from our affiliate brands and participating wellness partners. This is our way to reward our loyal customers for your continued support and for committing to a healthy lifestyle.

4. AMGD Wallet+

An AMGD Wallet+ is a secure online money platform that allows you to pay for micro-payments such as delivery fees. This feature helps you pay as you go with a pre-pay option.

5. Blog

AMGD Blog is a dedicated platform that offers a wealth of informative articles encompassing the realms of fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. With a mission to empower individuals on their health and lifestyle journeys, the blog serves as a valuable resource providing expert insights, tips, and guidance to inspire and guide readers in achieving their wellness goals, promoting a healthier, more vibrant life.

6. Fittr APP

Fittr is the one-stop app for individuals embarking on their journey to a healthier, better life. We provide an all-access pass to a multitude of participating merchants, each dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through services like meal plans, healthy meals, gym bookings, and wellness classes. Our Al-powered features assist users throughout their journey, tracking their daily activities through their smartwatches and offering points and discounts for continued engagement. Download the APP from App Store or Google Play.

7. Personalised Nutrition Service

The Personalized Nutrition Service is a comprehensive and tailored dietary programme designed to meet the unique nutritional needs and preferences of individuals. When you fill up the survey, our virtual nutritionists will recommend meals to you taking into account factors such as dietary restrictions, lifestyle, health goals, and genetic predispositions.

8. Transfer & Share

This feature is designed to make transferring credits between AMGD customers as convenient as transferring money.
Recipient Setup: To receive the transferred credits, the recipient (i.e., friends or family members) needs to set up an AMGD account if they don’t already have one. This ensures that the credits are properly attributed and can be used within the AMGD ecosystem.
Convenience: By offering this feature, AMGD enhances the convenience and flexibility of our credit system. It allows customers to stock up on credits, enjoy discounted rates, and share the benefits with their network, fostering a sense of community and engagement within the AMGD platform. The expiry dates for both the sender’s and recipient’s credits will follow the AMGD Passes expiry dates based on the number of credits transferred.

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