About Us

AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd! and is how good we want you to feel after eating our Ahhmahzing meals. AMGD is a delicious, healthy food delivery company enabled by technology. We use data to create our recipes and we deliver anywhere from our kitchen to your doorstep. Our vision is one healthy meal a day, for as many people, in cities around the world

AMGD started in Singapore in 2016 and opened its first international branch in Hong Kong in 2017. AMGD is soon to launch in other South-east Asian cities.

Every menu is curated with our chefs and team of expert dieticians and nutritionists. We use power ingredients to increase your daily performance and quality of life. When you eat well, you live well. There is no in-betweens. Simple. Straighforward. Effective.

Try AMGD for a week, a month, or even a year! We’ve had customers who’ve been with us since we launched and once you are on AMGD, nothing else compares.

Commit to daily healthy habits and you are guaranteed to
Feel Good After Food everyday!

Our Vision

One healthy meal a day for as many people in cities around the world.

AMGD was born through a conversation with 3 friends, lamenting how difficult it is to get healthy food that is not bland and boring. All three agreed that they are sick of long queues and even their most favourite food, they cannot eat every day!

Hence, AMGD aspires to provide delicious, healthy food every day. AMGD menus are created using data. We’re a science-based, evidence-backed lifestyle.

We want to make truly sincere, authentic, delicious yet healthy food that has never existed before!

how it started

A simple conversation, bloomed into reality…

co - founders

He is Sportie and a Techie. He loves the outdoors and is a Fitness Junkie. He shares tips and reviews on fitness and technological innovations. He is an avid reader, a disruptor, a serial investor and entrepreneur with global ambitions. AMGD promises to deliver a superior experience - with IT, good customer service, delivery team and even better food. He focuses on Fitness, Tech & Innovations.

She is a serial entrepreneur. She builds teams and has multiple businesses of varying stages of growth. She is a businesswoman who has a creative streak. She is well connected, travels the world, but yet loves to listen to ideas. She is also one-heck of a meticulous person. She looks into how AMGD is curated, managed, branded and presented and get things done. She eats AMGD everyday!
She is a respected businesswoman. She builds businesses and shares inspiring quotes.

To her the customer is everything! She constantly challenges the status quo. She likes to look at the world upside down and sees the world through different lenses. A foodie and nutrition evangelist, nutrition is her way of life. She’s the oldest but is super fit. She’s wacky, unorthodox and oh did we mention she does hand-stands! She is a Foodie & an expert on nutrition.