Frequently Asked Questions


AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd! It is about how good we want you to feel after eating our original, delicious, nutritious and healthy food. AMGD is technology-enabled. Customers order online and we deliver anywhere from our kitchen to your doorstep. Every dish is based on data and food science curated by an expert team of dieticians, nutritionists and chefs. Our vision is one healthy meal a day for everyone! 


Key Differentiators:


Our products 
Our food is delicious, unique and healthy. We have over 4000 live, delish and vibrant choices daily and far from a bore, which makes eating healhy food, as a lifestyle, sustainable. 

Our impact
We help people live better with good and proper nutrition. 

Our process
We have a tech-enabled zero-food waste kitchen and our recipe creation process is data-driven.


There are 4 ways to experience AMGD: 

i) AMGD Pass is a flexible pay-per-use-meal credit subscription that offers discounts for longer subscription plans. You can choose from 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 AMGD Pass. The bigger your subscription, the more you save. Once you have purchased an AMGD Pass, the meal credits will be in your account and you can check out over 400 choices from 3 nutritious brands - AMGD, CZ Bakery and Beehiiv Sandwiches and drinks for next day delivery. Cut-off for orders is 11.30pm the night before. 


Delivery fees: The AMGD Pass includes meal credits only excluding GST and delivery fees. AMGD continues to subsidise delivery fees and customers pay between $3.50 to $8.50 per delivery. The delivery fees are calculated dynamically based on your location and minimum credit spent (other surcharges apply to offshore areas such as Tuas, NTU, Jurong Island etc). Customers can top-up an AMGD Wallet to pay for micro-payments easily to make every check-out convenient and hassle-free.


ii) AMGD Meal Plans is a calorie-controlled meal plan for 1 or 2 weeks. There are 4 meal plans: Low GI. Athletic Performance, weight management and student meal plans. It is also a popular family plan.


iii) AMGD Catering Personalised: An easy platform to order food and drinks for your office and events. No commission fees. Just direct from us to you.


iv) AMGDLite. Here you can pay in cash with no subscription plan.


All 4 AMGD products can be found at the top of AMGD website. 

If you’re looking to eat clean and healthy for weeks or even months, look no further. AMGD is a pioneer in creating healthy food deliciously. We have an unbeaten record on the number of food choices daily. If you are living a healthy lifesyle and want a hassle-free meal service, AMGD is the natural choice for your short to long-term goals.


Click here to buy an AMGD PASS: 

Choose between 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 AMGD Pass. The more meal credits you buy, the more you save. Buy AMGD Pass here:

  • Price range: ~ $12.50 – $17 per meal
  • Delivery Fee: $3.50 to $8.50 per delivery. The delivery fees are calculated dynamically based on your location and minimum credit spent. Customers can top-up an AMGD Wallet to pay for micro-payments easily to make every check-out convenient and hassle-free. (other surcharges apply to offshore areas such as Tuas, NTU, Jurong Island etc). All charges are excluding 8%GST.

To top-up AMGD Wallet, click here:

Before you purchase any of our products, please ensure you read the terms and conditions:

  1. The AMGD Pass includes meal credits only excluding GST and delivery fees. AMGD continue to subsidise delivery fees and customers pay between $3.50 to $8.50. The delivery fees are calculated dynamically based on your location and minimum credit spent. All charges are excluding GST.
  2. If you need to receive food at a certain time, please opt for concierge service before placing your orders. Otherwise the subsidised delivery window is 10.30am to 2.00pm for lunch and 4.00pm to 7.30pm for dinner.
  3. Each AMGD PASS has an expiry date. Please choose one that is suitable for your needs and how frequent you eat healthily in a week.
  4. Please let us know if you have diet restrictions or allergies in the comment box. The comments box is strictly for this purpose and not for choosing your own ingredients in your meal.
  5. It is a requirement by SFA that no food should be kept at room temperature for more than 4 hours from the time it was cooked at the caterer’s kitchen to the time it is consumed. This information can also be found on the food sleeve of every delivered bento. 
  6. No refunds will be made once a purchase is made or for unused credits.
  7. If you are unavailable or uncontactable during the delivery drop-off, our driver will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes. AMGD reserve the right to forfeit your meals and no credits/payment will be refunded.
  8. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify and alter any Terms and Conditions contained herein at any time, with and without prior notice.  
  1. If you are requesting to cancel or change your order that has been processed, you can go to your member history in your account and cancel your orders. You do not need to ask AMGD to change your orders, You can self-service to your liking by cancelling and reordering. If you still need to make changes after the cut-off timing, you can find our chat bot for help. There will be an admin fee of $10 (excluding GST) for any changes after the cut-off time.
  2. We do not accept any cancellation or refund after an AMGD PASS or Meal Plan is purchased. 
  3. There is no partial refund for any balance credits halfway through an AMGD Pass or AMGD Meal Plan. Each meal is actually $17. Buying an AMGD Pass means customers have enjoyed their meals which were previously delivered at a heavily subsidised rate instead of $17/meal excluding delivery fees. AMGD has subsidised this cost of each delivery. Refunds of balance credits is thus not allowed.
  4. AMGD has also given a heads-up by giving notice months or years ahead in advance. For example, AMGD has announced that the price will increase after 3 years of COVID generous discounts. AMGD has heavily subsidised the food and delivery to help our customers during the difficult time of COVID-19. We will appreciate that our customers help us back today so that we can grow sustainably from now onwards.
  5. AMGD reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify and alter any Terms and Conditions contained herein at any time and with or without prior notice.  

Step 1: Purchase AMGD. Once meal credits are in your accout, edit your member details including addresses. These addresses will appear each time yu click on any meal to help ypu check out quickly.

Step 2: Click on MENU homepage:

You have over 400 choices from bentos, snacks and drinks. 95% of our menu uses 1 meal credit per meal. 

You will be prompted to purchase an AMGD PASS to enjoy the meals (if you haven’t).

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instrutions and check out your meal. Place orders by 1130pm for next day delivery or you can also plan ion advance. You can also top-up your wallet to help you pay for delivery fees quicker instead of using credit card/ban transfer each time you check out.



AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd!


Assisting those in need
Managing Health and Well-being
Generating Healthy Food Solutions and Innovation
Developing a greater sense of healthy living



AMGD started in Singapore in 2016 and opened its first international branch in Hong Kong in 2017. While the Hong Kong operations is currently suspended, AMGD has plans to open in Kuala Lumpur in 2023.


Yes you can. You have 2 options. Proceed to choose our bowls for pick-up or delivery.

Order in advance by 1130pm. Pick up your meals from these AMGD Pick-Up Points.

(same day ordering by 9:30am for lunch, and by 2:30pm for dinner is disabled during Heigtened Alert). 

  1. “BOWLS→ Pick-Up” Pick up from 

    28 Tai Seng Street #03-01

    Sakae Building

    Singapore 534106

  2. “BOWLS Delivery” offers our bundles of AMGD bowls to the doorstep. 

​* How to begin:
Step 1: Click on bowls tab on our website 
Step 2: Click on a menu and register your name
Step 3: Follow on-screen instructions to choose Pick-Up Point and timing.


Step 1: Get yourself an AMGD PASS.
- Choose from 6 different passes 
- Add to your Cart & Make Payment

 Step 2: Choose your AMGD Meals
- Go to our Menu of over 400 choices
- Choose your Meal(s)

 Step 3: Checkout
- Checkout your cart!

We have recently launched a new feature Transfer & Share, purchase a Pass and transfer credits easily to your friends. Follow the on-screen instructions. Most of our customers will buy bulk purchases of AMGD Passs and transfer credits easily to friends. It works just like PayNow, only that you are transferring credits instead of money. Your friend has to create an AMGD Account first and accept the transfer before the credits are transferred.

If you are not using the feature above, you can share your AMGD Pass too. But do take note that as each passholder enjoy discounted delivery for each location and delivery timing, you can’t send to another address for the same delivery timing. You can share your pass with someone if you happen not to use that time slot that day and thus can send to a different address. Alternatively, the other person can buy his/her own pass to also enjoy discounted delivery and privileges that AMGD passholder enjoys. 


Each AMGD PASS comes with a maximum number of meal credits to be used within a time period.
And if you want, you can use more than one meal credit per delivery location.
So it’s entirely up to you how you wish to spread out your meals!

ALACARTE: 1 meal within 1 day

OVERJOYED: 5 meals within 20 days

THRILL: 10 meals within 30 days

BLISSFUL: 20 meals within 45 days

HAPPY: 50 meals within 100 days

GOLD: 100 meals within 250 days

For more details feel free to check out our link:

You can cancel your cart and reorder again. If there are many orders in one order ID, you can inform us via our chat bot by 11.00pm before the day of delivery. No changes after the minimum cut-off time is allowed. Changes can be made with an admin fee of $10.00 excluding GST. if you missed the cut-off timing. Credits will not be returned if we are informed of any changes on the same day. 

As a registered customer of AMGD, all your orders are recorded in the "My Account" page.
From there, you can keep track of all your orders, current and past ones as well. So, you'll always remember the meals you've enjoyed, and those you've enjoyed most! 

You can also <3 your meals and the next time you log in, they will appear under “Meals You Love”. 

Some travels are planned, others just happen. But if it falls within the period of your AMGD PASS, have no fear! Just provide us with your travel documentations and chat with our chat bot, we'll make sure you get your extension! If you require an extension for any other reasons, find our chat bot, and we'll sort it out for you. 

Same day ordering feature is only for AMGDLite customers where you pay by cash and not in credits. You can place orders by 9.30am for lunch and 2.30pm for dinner.

No. All unused or expired credits will expire according to the expiry date and no refunds are allowed. This is a very strict company policy and goes through a strict audit process. Expired credits are transferred to our charity beneficiaries, supporting low-income families through AMGD Community Gives Back. All customers are expected to read the terms and conditions before making a purchase including our delivery fees, concierge for specific delivery timings as well as expiry dates of their AMGD PASSES and Meal Plans.

Yes. You can. Buy the same AMGD PASS as your previous purchase and we will raise your case to our audit department to request a reactivation of your account with its expired credits.

All expired credits will be transferred to our charity beneficiaries where we create healthy meals for low-income families under AMGD Community Gives Back.


Your credits have already expired. You can check the date of purchase of your Pass. Each pass has a validity period clearly indicated on the graphic. Expired credits are transferred to our charity beneficiaries, supporting low-income families through AMGD Community Gives Back. Reactivate your account by purchasing the same AMGD PASS and we'll double the expiry date, giving you more time to use your expired and new credits.

First of all, each meal is actually $17. But the only reason you are able to enjoy the same value of a $17 meal is because you are buying in bulk with a package purchase of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 meal credits in advance. For example, A GOLD Passholder is only paying $12.50/meal instead of $17 thus saving as much over $500 in total. AMGD Passes are also suitable for those who want to budget for every meal without bursting your wallet. 

Yes you can check out the details here:

The friend who purchase must use the promo code: REFER6%. Any other promo codes will not qualify for the referral programme.

The friend who refers must be and active passholder with a valid AMGD PASS (not expired) and actively using her credits at the time of refering his/her friend.

Each AMGD Passholder can check out a maximum of 10 credits in a day. This is to be fair to our corporate clients that pay a corporate rate card for orders from 11 onwards. Passholders also cannot use their credits for a corporate order purchase.



Leave a message with AMGD chat bot. We will reply within a business day or as soon as an agent is available. You can find the icon on the bottom right of our website. Over the weekends, our team will check any comments/enquiries required by Sunday night.

Customers are encouraged to find us via our chat bot as a main form of communication.


Yes. The delivery fees are calculated dynamically based on your location and minimum credit spent.



At AMGD, our commitment to making healthy food accessible for all remains unwavering, despite the inherent challenges of delivery costs. Recognizing the premium service of convenience we provide, we're introducing a nominal delivery fee, ranging from *$3.50 to $8.50 (excluding GST, additional surcharges may apply to certain areas).

This adjustment aligns with current market practices and is crucial for our sustainable growth, considering that each delivery can cost up to $25. We want our customers to understand that AMGD ensures our riders are compensated fairly, as we pay the full delivery price on your behalf.

To enhance your experience, we've introduced the AMGD Wallet, allowing you to pay for micro transactions. Additionally, every wallet top-up comes with cashback, offering you a valuable opportunity to offset delivery costs. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we strive to maintain the quality of service you deserve.

Thank you for being a part of the AMGD community.

*Note: Other surcharges may apply to offshore areas such as Tuas, NTU, Jurong Island, Alps Avenue, Changi/Airline Road/Boulevard, Seletar Airport, Sentosa/Ocean Drive, Senoko, Selarang Camp, and Sungei Tengah.


If you need a specific timing delivery, upgrade to our CONCIERGE SERVICE to request for meals to arrive at a specific time slot.

We have improved and upgraded the AMGD concierge service to not only include a dedicated time-slot but also a dedicated driver just for you at a fee of $10 regardless of your location in Singapore. This is a fee just for specific delivery timing. Rates on 3rd party delivery apps begin from $10 but AMGD customers only need to pay an exact amount. Any cost charged to AMGD above $10 will be borne by us. 


Concierge Service Delivery Timings

    •    Choose the hour you’d like your meals to be delivered within the range given below. 



    •    11.00am – 11.30am ($10.00)

    •    11.30am – 12.30am ($10.00)

    •    12.30pm – 1.30pm ($10.00)



    •    4.30pm – 5.30pm ($10.00)

    •    5.30pm – 6.30am ($10.00)

    •    6.30pm – 7.30pm ($10.00)

For any changes, please Intercom our friendly AMGD chat bot found at the bottom right of your screen. All changes must be made before 11.00pm the night before next day delivery. No exceptions will be made after the cut-off timing. An admin fee of $10.00 (excluding GST) applies if you would like us to manage the changes you require.

The driver will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes before moving on. He may also try other means to reach you such as leave your meals at your door or leave at the security guard. Your credits will not be returned as your meals are made and you were not contactable or giving a note for other delivery options to drop off your meals if you are not contactable.

For an additional location, there will be an additional charge of $6 (excluding GST) as the discounted delivery fee is a privilege only for the AMGD Passholder.

You can now easily transfer credits to your friends using the feature Transfer & Share. Your friends can create their own accounts and have delivery to them during the same time slot too.

Definitely! You can have your lunch in the office and dinner at home with your loved ones. Just add your addresses into your address book. Log in and go to: “MyAccount>Modify your address book entries.”

Once you're placing your meal orders, select the address you'd like the meal to be delivered for lunch and/or dinner.

We deliver from Monday to Saturday and if a Public Holiday falls on a weekday, we will remain open. It is business as usual.

* If we have to close on a PH, a memo will be given out via email as well as placed at the top ticker of our website. 


We have over 400 delicious and healthy choices on our website. They include our signature bentos, healthy bowls, healthy snacks, healthy mini buffets and healthy platters. Check them out here:

You don’t need an AMGD Pass to enjoy these AMGD Healthy Poke Bowls:
- order as a bundle and get them delivered to your door:
- order individual bowls or bundle to be picked-up at AMGD Pick-Up Points:

If you are an AMGD Passholder:

- these Pokes can be added into your cart and pay using AMGD Wallet.

Most of our AMGD meals are made with ingredients that are natural and organic. The macros and calories can be found when you click on any menu indicated on the left side of the screen.

We place AMGD ahhmahgawd proteins on either a bed of fresh greens or complex carbs (C-carbs) or healthy pasta. Each meal does not exceed the daily requirements by design! 

In addition to calorie count, a nutritious meal considers a balanced distribution of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats), essential micronutrients from colorful fruits and vegetables, adequate fiber for digestive health, monitoring of added sugars and sodium levels, emphasis on nutrient-dense foods, preference for whole, minimally processed foods, and accommodation of allergen considerations. These factors collectively provide a comprehensive understanding of a meal's nutritional value, aligning with our commitment to delivering health-conscious offerings. If you have specific criteria or preferences, please share, and we can tailor our approach accordingly.

Allergic to nuts? We’ll throw in fruits instead! Can’t take too much sugar or salt? There’s barely a pinch in any meals already!

Whatever your diet limitations, let us know about your existing conditions in the comment box when you check-out and we will customise accordingly to your request as best as we can. We work with our nutritionist to replace or reduce anything that gets in between you and the enjoyment of our meals!

As fresh vegetables and fruits are incorporated in every AMGD meal, the bentos cannot be warm or hot. But when the meals arrive, you can remove just the proteins and you are able to reheat the protein/carbs on a medium high heat (°C) for about 2-3 mins. We have also introduced the WARM SERIES – when all the vegetables are cooked and you can reheat the entire bento.

You can order for groups here:

Healthy bundles at your fingertips. You can check-out easily by paying with cash/credit card without being an AMGD PASSHOLDER.

For any queries, email us at [email protected] or reach out to AMGD chat bot found on the bottom right of our website and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We launch new meals every week or once a once a fortnight.

In this category, we create meals that require special attention.

They include Immune Support Series:

Meals with low carb and high carb, meals that are low fat and high carb as well as those endorsed by the Health Promotion Board:

We also have meals that come as a set. Use 4 credits but get 6 meals with soups:

Keto meals can be found here:



Our healthy snacks that fly off the shelves can be found here:

Each batch are freshly made so each stock usually won’t last longer that a week once we put them live on the website. Catch them at every cycle before they sell-out!

Yes, we do. Check them out here:

We are producing more over time. 

All our foods are prepared fresh, and made just before delivery. AMGD has created all of its own recipes. We have reinvented how healthy food are to be consumed with local inspirations.

The meals created are mostly natural such as vegetables, nuts and fruits with a cooked protein. Hence AMGD bentos are best consumed within 3 hours after receiving.

However, if you wish to keep the meal for next day consumption, you can opt to separate hot and cold items when you place your order. The meal is good to be kept 24 hours and re-heat with microwave medium heat around 3 to 4 minutes.
No re-heating of the cold ingredients required.
*pls take note the cold ingredients may reduce in qty/weightage than usual when packed separately
*pls store food in chiller, settings 3 to 10 degree celcius
*do not keep food in freezers or below 0 temperature settings

AMGD is MUIS Halal certified. 



AMGD Catering

Yes, we do. You can opt for the special bundles here:

If you need a quotation, you can also reach out to us at [email protected] or our chat bot found on the bottom right of our website.

For our corporate clients, all our services are charged separately. They include the followimg:

  1. Meals only
  2. Meals with cutleries
  3. Meals with cutleries and delivery
  4. Meals with cutleries, and specific deilvery timing

We are able to provide islandwide delivery and muitple drops at the same time.

Surcharges applies to some postal codes on top of the standard delivery. If the locations fall in our surcharges zones. *Refer to chart under delivery section for postal codes with surcharges. All charges are excluding GST.

Yes, we do. Our corporate lifestyle package AMGD+ Corporate Lifestyle are bundles that include nutrition, fitness and group physical activity for employees working in and out of the office. Check it out here:



Get Your Loved Ones the Gift of Health!

You are self-disciplined and you would like to rally your loved ones to practice daily healthy habits just like you. What better way to say “I care about you” than to nourish them with AMGD Gift Pass!
  • Choose from 3 gift passes: SparkleShine and Dazzle.
  • Enter details for you and the recipient.
  • Include a note!
  • Proceed to checkout.


Terms and conditions: Each gift pass is for 1 recipient. You can buy as may gift pass as you like and send to multiple recipients.

GIFT passes are inclusive of meals and delivery.

Happy Gifting AMGDians!


AMGD Community Gives Back started in 2017, one year after AMGD was launched in Singapore and Hong Kong. When our start-up became profitable, we celebrated by setting aside funds to help those in need. We created employment opportunities and provided delicious and healthy food for needy patients and low-income families. 

Today, we want to spread the intangible benefit of giving – a pleasant feeling of connectedness in the AMGD community – our customers and our donors who believe in helping the less fortunate who will appreciate our help all year. 

We enabled this charity element on our website in collaboration with Our Tampines Hub (OTH) who will curate the list of beneficiaries from low-income families living in Tampines. AMGD has pledged $10, 000 to kick-start OTH-AMGD Community Gives Back campaign to help low-income families. Collectively, we aim to grow the AMGD community of givers to donate in cash or credits.

Expired credits will be donated back to the community via the AMGD Community Gives Back initiative where we provide meals for low income families and other less advantaged beneficiaries in our society.


When you check out your cart, you may choose to either to either pay via PayPal, Stripe with any recognised Credit Card. There is also an option for PayNow and AMGD Wallet. 




AMGD Meal Plans is a calorie-controlled meal plan for 5, 7 or 14 days.There are 4 meal plans: Low GI. Athletic Performance, weight management and student meal plans. It is also a popular family plan.


Yes, of course. You only need to commit to a minimum of 5 days.

5-days Meal Plan (Monday to Friday)

- Delivery on Monday for meals to be consumed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Delivery on Wednesday, for meals to be consumed on Thursday and Friday.

Delivery on Saturday, for meals to be consumed on Monday.


7 and 14-days Meal Plan (Monday to Sunday)

- Delivery on Monday for meals to be consumed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Delivery on Wednesday, for meals to be consumed on Thursday and Friday.

Delivery on Friday, for meals to be consumed on Saturday.

- Delivery on Saturday, for meals to be consumed on Monday.

Delivery on Saturday, for meals to be consumed on Monday.



There are 4 Meal Plans: Student, Weight Management, Athletic Performance ad Low-GI meals. Do a short nutrition survey. This will help our automated nutritionist to recommend the right meal plans for you according to your needs.

For Weight Management and Performance Meal Plans, each meal is $11.90 or $10.90 if you commit to 5, 7 or 14 days respectively. For the Student Meal Plan, each meal is $9.90 or $8.90 If you commit to 5, 7 or 14 days 1 or 2 days respectively. Delivery fee is fixed at $8 per delivery.

Step 1: Click on AMGD Meal Plans.
Step 2: Finish the nutrition quiz and click on menu "Pick for Me".
Step 3: Pay in cash or in credits.

Yes, of course, you will be charged accordingly to any add-ons or changes you make to the menu.

Yes our IT team will be refining the design and layout as we speak.


Delivery timing is in the afternoon 3.30pm to 7.30pm


5-days Meal Plan

- Delivery on Monday for meals to be consumed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Delivery on Wednesday, for meals to be consumed on Thursday and Friday.

- Delivery on Saturday, for meals to be consumed on Monday.


7 and 14-days Meal Plan

- Delivery on Monday for meals to be consumed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Delivery on Wednesday, for meals to be consumed on Thursday and Friday.

- Delivery on Friday, for meals to be consumed on Saturday.

- Delivery on Saturday, for meals to be consumed on Monday.

Delivery on Saturday, for meals to be consumed on Monday.



Meal Plan bentos are best kept refrigerated for a maximum of 2 days.


Yes. They can be steamed or placed in a pan to reheat. You can also pop the whole bento in the microwave. Have your meal in 3 minutes.


Yes, you can. Each meal is 1 credit. When you use your credits, you can have an AMGD meal every day. The delivery charges are charged separately.

AMGD Network

AMGD Network helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With hundreds of products on AMGD, associates of AMGD Network can use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying AMGD Passes and Meal Plans.


If you are an influencer in some way, sign up today, make recommendations and you can start earning commissions today.


Bloggers, content creators, influencers and micro influencers with a qualifying website, Instagram account or Facebook page can participate. You need to have an established social media following with a positive outlook and persona.

You earn from qualifying purchases through the traffic you drive to AMGD. Commission income is 5%.

We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.

AMGD Market

AMGD Market is designed for returning customers to accumulate points which could be used to redeem exclusive merchandise. You can also use your points to redeem promo codes to offset payment for your next AMGD pass purchase or purchases from our affiliate brands and participating wellness partners. This is our way to reward our loyal customers for your continued support and for committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Accumulated points are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. All points can only be used to redeem merchandise at AMGD Market or to download promo codes which can be used to make purchases on AMGD platforms or on the platforms of our affiliate brands and participating partners. 


All accumulated points will expire 12 months from the date they were first earned. All points that are not redeemed will be forfeited and cease to be effective. The validity of your points can be found in your member account when you log into your account. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our chat box and we will attend to your needs within 1 business day.

AMGD Subscription Enquiries

How to start?

  1. Fill up the questionnaire.
  2. You will be recommended the exact number of meal credits.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Choose to add-on $10 for a SURPRISE ME pantry box to receive healthy snacks delivered to you once a month.


  1. Your package purchase covers meal credits only, excluding delivery fees and GST.
  2. To begin placing your orders, please proceed to the menu and select your desired meals. During checkout, you will be asked to pay for the delivery fees.
  3. If you order more than 2 meals to be delivered to the same address and at the same time, you will receive a $3.50 discount on the delivery fees. You can top-up money into your AMGD wallet, so you can use your AMGD wallet to pay for delivery fees. Click here.
  4. Your credit card will be auto-charged when your current subscription is ending.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You will only receive the delivery fee discount with a minimum check-out of 2 meal credits.
  2. The delivery discount will remain in effect until the expiration of your subscription.
  3. You can cancel your subscription any time. You will not be charged the upcoming payment.
  4. No refunds allowed but you will still enjoy the benefits of your subscription until it expires.

VVIP and VVIP GOLD status on AMGD

AMGD offers two exclusive membership tiers:

VVIP: To qualify, maintain over 150 credits in your account each month. Enjoy benefits like 3 free meals every 6 months, expiry date extensions up to 3 months, and AMGD wallet top-ups.

VVIP GOLD: Get a FREE gift at 500 meal credits. Achieve 150 meal credits and check out 20 meal credits per month and enjoy a monthly free meal, up to 12-month expiry date extensions, wallet top-ups, exclusive event access, meal customisation, and more privileges.

With these benefits, AMGD VVIPS can enhance your wellness and nutrition experience, making your journey more convenient and comfortable.