AMGD Community Gives Back started in 2017, one year after AMGD was launched in Singapore and Hong Kong. We focus on several initiatives including:

  1. Providing healthy food for low-income families.
  2. Innovating healthy food for cancer and diabetic patients.
  3. Employment opportunities for intellectually disabled.
  4. Providing meal support to the needy and vulnerable groups emerging from COVID-19 health crisis.

At the thick of COVID-19 crisis, we collaborated with NECDC and Our Tampines Hub (OTH) to provide over 3000 meals to low-income families.

Today, we want to spread the intangible benefit of giving – a pleasant feeling of connectedness in the AMGD community – our customers and our donors who believe in helping the less fortunate who will appreciate our help all year. Collectively, we aim to grow the AMGD community of givers to donate in cash or credits.

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