Guilty of overeating? Learn how to achieve Food Freedom.



Guilty of overeating? Learn how to achieve Food Freedom.



It’s no secret that brain signals drive what, how, and when we eat. We mainly eat for 2 reasons – to get the energy our body needs for homeostasis and to eat for pleasure or to manage our emotions. Which one of these camps do you usually find yourself falling into?

If you are constantly overridden by guilt for not being able to control your eating habits, let’s take a look at where you are at in achieving Food Freedom.



There are 4Rs to achieve Food Freedom as outlined below:

  1. Release food anxiety and solidify normalcy with food
    - Release all limiting beliefs about your relationship with food and what’s possible
    - Eat adequately and give your body what it needs
    - Reprogram brain patterns that create anxiety, worry or compulsion
    - Add nourishment versus focussing on what you can’t have

  2. Restore your body’s brilliance and metabolism
    - Work with your body instead of against it
    - Move and eat in ways that honour you, your body, and your needs
    - Drop from your head, connect with yourself and listen yo your body
    - Let go of any emotional blocks preventing weight loss and optimal health

  3. Reconnect with your body and feel confident in your skin
    - Treat and take care of yourself from a place of love
    - Practice self-care and avoid using negative words to describe your self or body
    - Begin feeling confident in your body and radiant from the inside out

  4. Reclaim your power
    - Manage emotions and life stressors without going to food to cope
    - Know your worth and not letting comparison get the best of you
    - Practice, practice, practice to solidify your blueprint for Food Freedom Forever

    Food struggles will soon be a thing of the past. With more energy and a renewed you, your weight control will come naturally without having to worry about what to eat or what not to eat.