Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Enquiries


We provide Free Delivery Islandwide based on our scheduled time slots of 10am to 1.30pm (afternoon delivery) and 4.30 to 7.30pm (evening delivery). We will soon roll out an APP in which you are able to track your orders and ETA.


However, there have been an increasing demand on specific time slots for food deliveries. We hear your feedback and in the coming months, we will be providing a VIP check-out service at an admin fee (charged by our service provider) that is on par with market practice.


If you request additional services such as specific time slots, we will do our best subject to the availability of our fleets. Please allow a grace period of 30 minutes before or after your preferred delivery timing. 

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

No. You do not have to pay extra. You only have to pay extra, flat $6 if you require specific time to deliver to you. 

No. Please note the delivery timing as follows.

For individual customers:

  • Noon – 10.00am-1.30pm
  • Afternoon – 4.30pm-7.30pm

For Corporate orders is:

  • Noon – 11.30am-1.30pm
  • Afternoon – 6.30pm-8.00pm

There is a $5 service charge for corporate orders that require a specific timing.

No. Our shop is wherever you are. We deliver to you. You can change your location. Even for every meal. Just indicate your address.

Any change request need to be sent out to 87819323 by 7am on the day of delivery. If the kitchen has already made preparations about your food and not able to change the address according to your new specification, credits for the meal you ordered will be deducted.


We will however, try our best to change to your new location requested but after your fleet has completed all their route deliveries and make yours their last stop.

Customers are adviced to cancel before 7am on the day of delivery. Meal credit/credits will be deducted accordingly if we were informed past the cut-off time and the food has been made.

At the moment we provide Free Delivery Islandwide based on our scheduled time slots of 10am to 1.30pm (afternoon delivery) and 4.30 to 7.30pm (evening delivery).

If you request additional services such as specific time slots, please leave your preferred timing in the comment box when you check-out. We will do our best subject to the availability of our fleets. Please allow a grace period of 30 minutes before or after your preferred delivery timing. 

  • If you want a guaranteed timeslot for your daily deliveries, we will be happy to provide a concierge service with VIP check-out at an admin fee of $6. Kindly email us at
  • Currently we do not charge for the specific time slots. Customers have been enjoying this concierge service for free. But as our orders increase, we may not be able to accommodate to personal requests as much as we would like to. So, we will be engaging a 3rd party to cater to this need and they will be charging for their services. We will roll out this new service by them when we launch our upgraded website.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Yes you can but the free delivery is a priviledge for the passholder only. So, there is a $6 charge for the second location for the same time slot if there are suppose to be more than 1 drop/location.

You can place your orders preferably by 4pm the day before. You can also place your orders on the same day but with a rush order surcharge of $10.

All changes in orders have to be informed to us before 24 hours of the scheduled delivery time. If any cancellations are made within 24 hours before delivery, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.

AMGD will try 3 ways to reach the customer:

  1. via call
  2. via text
  3. via email

If a customer remains unresponsive by more than an hour, with proven attempts by AMGD to reach the customer via the 3 methods above, then the meal is considered cancelled. No credit will be returned to the customer too.

Pass and Order Enquiries

AMGD (stands for Ahhmahgawd) is an online subscription food delivery service that brings delicious, healthy food to customers’ doorsteps. Each customer upon registration, buys a pass to use within a period of time. You're spoilt for choice with over 60 meals to choose from, Monday to Sunday with 2 delivery time slots. The more meals you buy the cheaper your meals and passes! For weekend deliveries choose from the “Surprise me Weekend” Menu. 


Choose from any of our Passes:

    1) $16 ALA CARTE (1 meal) at $16/meal

    2) $45 JOY (3 meals) at $15/meal

    3) $70 OVERJOYED (5 meals) at $14/meal

    4) $130 THRILL (10 meals) at $13/meal 

    5) $240 BLISSFUL (20 meals) at $12/meal (1+1 free meal for returning customers)

    6) $575 HAPPY (50 meals) at $11.50/meal (2+1 free meals immediately)


  • Every pass has a validity period. Please check Q: what is the expiry date of my pass?


If you have any immediate questions, email to

You can also jump ahead, buy a pass and EXPLORE! 


Yes. You can buy 1 meal from our Ala Carte Pass.

Any changes request need to be sent out by 7am on the day of delivery.

The proteins in the Intense Series are of higher caloric value than the Standard Series. Meals from the Intense Series are designed for those who need more to sustain them till their next meal.

Yes. You will need to top-up the extra balance when you check out.

Orders are limited to only 1 location per timing.  Each customer can order up to 6 meals per location.

If you would like to order more than 6, some customers have bought passes registered under different names in the same office or offices can enjoy corporate rates under #eattogether email us at

Your orders will be stated in “My Account” Page. You will be able to track your current and past orders.

Ala carte pass is 1 day. Joy is valid for up to 10 days, Overjoyed is 20 days, Thrill Pass is 30 days. Blissful is up to 45 days. The Happy Pass has 90 days validity.


To be fair to all customers, any unused credits can be extended subject to management approval, if you have been travelling with proof of travel.

Unused credits after the expiry date will not and cannot be refunded.

No, you can buy as much AMGD Passes as you want. But you can order up to 6 meals a day depending on the passes you buy.

Yes! AMGD is officially certified Halal by MUIS! Our Halal Certification is granted to LI DA FOODS (whole plant scheme) managing all our 4 brands i) AMGD ii) CZ Bakery iii) Li Da Kitchen and iv) Ahhh. We were certified Halal b y MUIS in May 2017.

You are able to order all our menus Monday to Friday but on weekends, Sat and Sun, we will keep on rotating and bring back past best-sellers for you. For weekend deliveries, you are encouraged to only order from the “Surprise me Weekend” menu.

Our vision is one healthy meal a day, for as many people, in cities around the world. We aim to build a community of health-conscious individuals around the world; people who are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

AMGD is humbled to be your chosen, nutritional partner on your journey to be a healthier you. Within a timeframe, we hope to help our customers achieve their goals and stick to a discipline and routine.

Payment Enquiries

Yes. You can do an Internet banking.

Li Da Foods Pte Ltd. 0039338171
DBS Current Account.


Screengrab the receipt and WhatsApp us at 8781 9323.

We will add credits into your account, once payment has been made and you will be able to enjoy AMGD e-commerce experience.



You can make payment via PayPal or Credit Cards on our website. Currently thats what’s available.

But if you need to do Internet Banking, WhatsApp us at 8781 9323 or email and we will be happy to assist.