New Creations

New Creations

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Fruits n Friends

A party of fruits like as though they are friends in a box Ingredients: Baked Salmon with R..

Say HO!

Say what? Say Ho! It doesn't get better than this! You've got nothing to lose. Sink your tee..


A Black Friday special. Sakura is back with Beauty & Black! Succulent oven-grilled salmon s..

Power Up!

Let’s get ready to party! Power up the AMGD way with pesto pasta & cajun chicken served wi..

Tender Heart

Inspired by one of the donors from our AMGD Care Fund. Read up more on AMGD Care Fund here.  ..


We all know Black Beauty? Well, meet the chicken version of the meal inspired by one of our long tim..

Heart n Soul

Love…. with all your heart & soul. Ingredients: Eggplant with sambal percik..

My Beau

A kiss for you and a kiss for my Beau~   Ingredients: Pasta Chicken (chicken part..

Under the See

Baked salmon well hidden under a sea of almond flakes. Fish lovers you are in for a treat. Ingred..

Zexy Leg

Be greeted with our juicy, sexy black-pepper honey-glazed chicken served on a bed of pasta and roast..