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Fruits n Friends

A party of fruits like as though they are friends in a box Ingredients: Baked Salmon with R..


Inspired by one of the donors from our AMGD Care Fund. Read up more on AMGD Care Fund here. &ldqu..

Under the See

Baked salmon well hidden under a sea of almond flakes. Fish lovers you are in for a treat. Ingred..

Lucky Lady

A lucky meal for a lucky lady. Ingredients: Grilled skewered Okra and leeks Lotus root ..

Hot Spot

These Yakitori chicken suss out the best yakitori healthy flavours so you can get your fix of authen..

Zexy Leg

Be greeted with our juicy, sexy black-pepper honey-glazed chicken served on a bed of pasta and roast..


Take it up a notch and let the sambal prawn curl on your tastebuds.   Warning: Mouthwatering a..

Lord of the Rings

Though squids aren't rich in omega-3s, they are low in fat, which is one reason it can lord..


Imagine hearty teriyaki beef wrapped around asparagus! You will be in for a delicious surprise! Whil..