It's Keto! (NEW!)

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Crazy Rich Chicken

Crazy chicken-lovers, this is for you. Ingredients: Black pepper baked chicken breast Bee..


Homestyle Bon-Bon patties that’ll make you fall in love again. Try it to believe it. I..

Caesar of the AMGDian

Give the chicken a break. You’ve got to be a fearless AMGDian & give our beef Caesar salad..

Summer Swing

Refreshingly crunchy, beat the summer heat with AMGD’s very own Keto Caesar Salad!  ..

Omega Three

Omega-3 powerhouse made Keto Vegetarian. Ingredients: Poached eggs Strawberries Scallio..


[$5 top-up required] Yeah, under the sea~! Ingredients: Char-grilled Barramundi fillet Ro..

Sunny Island

[$5 top-up required] See sea with me? Ingredients: Steamed baked barramundi fillet, drizzle..

Keto No.5

[$5 top-up required] For the sophisticated, classy keto people! Ingredients: Enoki mushroom..

It's not Nemo

[$5 top-up required] Look’s Barramundi! Ingredients: Steamed baked barramu..