It's Deepavali! (NEW!)

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The Taj!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The best homestyle LOW-FAT oven-baked tandoori chicken rec..

Love Yourself

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! [VEGETARIAN] Love yourself first, take care of yourself, invest in yourse..

Jolly Molly

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Holy molly till you're jolly. We make you so happyyy... that you'..


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Skewered capsicums with a side of power veggies, brown rice , a..

Belly-good Patti

Belly-good? Yes this belly-good meal will definitely make you want to start belly dancing~ Ingred..


Dance-Patti? More like it’s a DANCE PARTY in your mouth!  Ingredients: Small rou..


Inspired by the proud peacock, the poppy colours will definitely keep you wanting more! Ingredien..


Your classic vegetarian samosa with a lil’ twist!  Ingredients: Potato masala&nb..