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Blast! Bundle

[Kids love me!] Make healthy eating a blast! of fun with AMGD! Ingredients: Honey black pep..

Superpower! Bundle

[Kids love me!] Give your day a boost with the superpower of superfood! Ingredients: Baked ..

AMGD Squad Bundle

[Kids love me!] Team AMGD unite! Ingredients: Romaine lettuce Chicken patty Roma t..

Egg LOL-ing Bundle

[Kids Menu] A must-try dish for the picky eaters ;) Ingredients: Egg yolk rolls filled with..

Whooh! Bundle

[Kids Menu] Whooh! Say what? Healthy food is not just all greens only. Ingredients: Egg whi..

Abracadabra! Bundle

[Kids Menu] Isn’t it a magical moment when your kids love wholesome, healthy food? Ingredie..

Meet-a-Ball Bundle

[Kids Menu] If your lil’ one is a burger lover, try this healthier alternative instead! Ing..