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Menu 500 - 599 kcal

Spice girls
Keep rolling on throughout your day with this sensational chicken roll. It has good bacteria from ki..
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A Black Friday special. Sakura is back with Beauty & Black! Succulent oven-grilled salmon s..
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Above all the roar of the cities, and over the thunder of the skies, with a message of peace to all,..
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Colour My Life
Less Carb, More Micronutrients Let the colours you see here serve as a remembrance of all the col..
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Joker! HK
Joker! HK – created by our Hong Kong chef. This vegetarian meal is soo good. It is no ..
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Te Amo! HK
Named by our HK chef, Te Amo is made with so much love! It is also low in saturated fats, keeping yo..
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Memory + C Carbs
You probably know that omega-3s, such as those found in salmon, may promote healthier brain cells an..
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CNY SPECIAL. This will be made available starting January 1st 2020. Our never ol’ favo..
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Sweet Slide
Sweet and savoury, you’re gonna enjoy this char siu chicken meal with a smile on your face. Ch..
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