BIG Cookie! (NEW!)

BIG Cookie! (NEW!)

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  • Spicy

Double Chocolate Minis

[BEST-SELLER –  RESTOCKED!] 6cm in diameter This cookie has so much funk that it ha..

Smarty Cookies (Durian only)

Showing your appreciation to someone special? These flavourful, witty Smarty Cookies will do the tri..

Beautiful Blond Minis

[EXCLUSIVE EDITION] 6cm in diameter Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, please hold me. ..

Date Me! Minis

[BEST-SELLER] 6cm in diameter Date Me literally means there are dates in me! This cookie has s..

Pretty Cookie Minis

[BEST-SELLER, RESTOCKED] 6cm in diameter This good cookie will make you feel pretty good and h..


Biscottis are no doubt the best treats ever~ crisp, light and perfect for any coffee-lover! ;) ..

Orange Almond Minis

[BEST-SELLER, RESTOCKED] 6cm in diameter Warm, summer breeze, out busking in the sun by the be..

Feather-light Snow Minis (SOLD OUT)

[PREMIUM BIG COOKIE – SOLD OUT! WE’LL BE BACK!] 6cm in diameter Are you a fan of s..

My Chewy Pal Minis [OUT OF STOCK]

[OUT OF STOCK – PREMIUM BIG COOKIES] 5cm in diameter Who says you have to skip cookies w..

Baby Dreams Minis

[PREMIUM BIG COOKIE – NEW!] 5cm in diameter Our best-selling bittersweet dream..