Intense Series


AMGD UPSIZE! Our Intense series packs more punch for those who need the extra energy!

Just top up $5 for every INTENSE meal and pay the difference as you check-out.


Intense Series

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Kor Kor

Have an Ahhmahhgawd Moment when you savour the delicious sushi rolls together with our unique&n..

Raining Kisses

Our AHI Tuna paired with grilled peach is so good, you feel like raining kisses on…..


You can never go wrong with beef kebabs! Marinated overnight with a special blend of spices, these a..

WTF (Wow the Fish)

WTF!!! What were you thinking huh? We mean...WOW THE FISH! Cuz just look at that FISH! It was o..


Orient was originally part of our Christmas series and it did so well that we decided to bring this ..

One Story

[VEGETARIAN] Every bite rolls out into a new story for you to share to the world! Every AMGD me..

Time Freeze

Sink your jaws into this cod fish... it is a moment in time that you’ll just want to free..


Naddy oh Naddy... named after a spunky girl that's growing up fast in the AMGD family. All ..