2 for 1 credit

2 for 1 credit

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Chicken Walk Shakee

Chicken Shakee features a bed of fusilli pasta, chicken strips, shimeiji mushrooms, roasted cherry t..

AMGD Shakee

With caramelized pineapple, blueberries, topped with citrus vinaigrette, you’re sure to g..

2-3-1 Shakee

Wholesome ingredients like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, figs and almonds. Drizzled with savou..

Peaceful Rainbow Shakee

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? Peaceful Rainbow Shakee is an all-natural, all-delicious edib..


Salmon inari with tobikko egg 163kcal [2-for-1 credit] Choose your 2nd option below! ..


[Kids Menu] Give your day a boost with the superpower of superfood! Ingredients: Baked chic..


[Kids Menu] Make healthy eating a blast! of fun with AMGD! Ingredients: Honey black pepper ..

AMGD Squad

[Kids Menu] Team AMGD unite! Ingredients: Romaine lettuce Chicken patty Roma tomat..


Omelete roll with chicken, cucumber, carrot, sesame seed 99 kcal [2-for-1 credit] Choose your ..

Kawaii Chisana

Sambal Ikan Prawn Maki 112 kcal [2-for-1 credit] Choose your 2nd option below! ..