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**Due to high demand and customer request, we are happy to launch a concierge service for customers to request for a more specific delivery timing. You may now opt for delivery within 1 hour intervals at $4 per location or email us for a MVP bundle for the entire duration of your pass. 


CNY Series

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Always Lucky

Ingredients: Chicken Yakitori Leeks/ Scallions (subject to availability) Bed of Quinoa ..


Ingredients: Diced Beef Steak Broccoli Cauliflower Baby Corn / Corn Cob (Subject to avai..

Golden Pillow

Ingredients: Duck (Breast Meat) Purple Rice Cauliflower Baby Corn / Corn Cob (Subject to..

Hello Spring!

Ingredients: Otah Prawn Bed of Brown Rice Chinese Cabbage Carrot Cherry Tomatoes M..


Ingredients: Dutch Eggplant Minced Chicken (Topping) Tobikko Egg & Chopped Leek (Toppi..

Eternal Happiness

*$68.80 to enjoy a family-sized platter. Serves 4-6 pax. (Excluding $5 delivery fee) Large pl..