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Find our your daily macronutrient. And our kcal serve as a guide as to how much kcal you should take a meal to achieve your goals.


300 - 400 kcal

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Great Staff

Ingredients: Marinated Squid Stuffed with Otah Mixed greens  Pecans Raisins Drago..


Wonder how people can have bouncy skin? Our combination of tofu fishcake and shiitake mushrooms have..

Peaceful Rainbow

All natural. All taste. All delicious. Make peace with your body and mind after having a go at the a..


BAM, this is too BAM good! Because ‘dam’ is too mainstream!  Ingredients: ..


Gembo! A unique twist of satay meets healthy and delicious ingredients! Ingredients: ..


[VEGETARIAN] Kick out the lethargic feeling you have with Punch! This perfect stress reliever comes ..


Salmon with honey dressing makes you fall in love with salmon all over again. Ingredients: ..