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EXCLUSIVE Hong Kong series

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

You Yu! HK

Abundance and surplus for YOU! Ingredients: Grilled salmon Mixed greens Avocado Lon..

Te Amo! HK

Named by our HK chef, Te Amo is made with so much love! Ingredients: Chicken roll wrap with..

At Peace! HK

At Peace everywhere we go! Ingredients: Seared New York Beef Mixed greens Strawberries ..

Ding! HK

Ding! just got extra special with a Hong Kong touch!    Ingredients: Specia..

10M HK

Are you a fan of 10M? Well we just made it even better! Ingredients: Beef Bacon Gold mush..

Ba Ba White Sheep

Ingredients: Minced lamb patties Mixed greens Minced ginger Dried roselles Dragon..

Dot Dot Dot

We hear you! It’s back! Get Ready to be stunned speechless with… dot dot dot Ingredi..

Add Venture

Ingredients: Eggplant with Lamb Mince    Mixed Greens    Yellow B..