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You’ll definitely go “Ahhmahgawd!” when you taste our signature first creatio..

Naughty and Nice

Healthy roasted chicken on an assortment of crunchy and juicy vegetables, paired with a side of..


Sink your teeth into the soft and tender grilled Honey Chicken. 2-3-1 will definitely give you th..

Women Of The Match

Women of the match?! Is that a typo? Oh no it is not. We honour all women who works hard for their f..

Yours Truly

“Let great food be your company when I can’t be there...” Yours Truly Ingredien..


A simple and fulfilling homely meal of panko breaded chicken with egg and bamboo shoots will le..

Per Sempre

Promise yourself to eat right. To eat one healthy meal a day. Every day of Forever (Per Sempre). Wit..

Women Of The Match + C Carbs

Ingredients: Grilled Chicken ( a choice of thigh or breast meat. Indicate in co..

Sleepless Nights

Ingredients: Ayam Percik Mixed greens Sliced and roll cucumber Tempeh Cherry tomatoes ..


This meal was created Just for you, our lovely customers! Just give it a shot will you? Ingredien..