**Due to high demand and customer request, we are happy to launch a concierge service for customers to request for a more specific delivery timing. You may now opt for delivery within 1 hour intervals at $4 per location or email us for a MVP bundle for the entire duration of your pass. 


  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

French Kiss

Ingredients: Grilled salmon Mixed mesclun Romaine lettuce Purple cabbage Lemon slice‚Äč ..


Ingredients: Pan-grilled roast beef Quinoa with diced carrots, cucumbers, corn kernels Whe..

The Great Salmon

Ingredients: Steamed salmon Spicy aglio olio fusilli Romaine Asparagus Wheel carroots ..

Bengawan Solo

Ingredients: Salmon Wholewheat tortilla wrap Reduced-fat cheese slice Romaine lettuce ..

Triple M

Ingredients: Cajun chicken (Boneless chicken thigh without skin) Quinoa Romaine lettuce ..

Orange Blossom

Ingredients: Grilled salmon Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Apricots Mashed corn Blueb..


Ingredients: Pan-seared tuna steak Romaine lettuce Asparagus Grilled bell peppers Corn..

Korean Knight

Ingredients: Beef kebab Wholewheat tortilla wrap Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Green b..

Love n Fresh Air

Ingredients: Boneless chicken thigh (without skin) Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Green b..


Skinless chicken Fusilli pasta Sautéed chickpeas Cauliflower Pumpkin Zucchini ..