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What is AMGD?

AMGD is delicious, healthy food for everyone meant to fit usefully into a life, Monday to Friday every week, without breaking your cycle, without repeating your daily meals. It is full of goodness and is nutritionally balanced. Every meal is not just a meal. It has heart and meaning and we are sharing them with YOU.


Step 1:

Register details and delivery address/addresses

Step 2:

Get AMGD pass, checkout and pay.

Step 3:

Order your meals. Mix-and-match. Indicate your preferred timings and delivery dates.

Delivery day:

An AMGD runner will deliver to your doorstep. 



When you have successfully registered, you will become an AMGD pass holder. Every renewal/upgrade to a BLISSFUL pass entitles you to 2 FREE meals. One for you and one for your loved one.

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How AMGD Started


A simple conversation, bloomed into reality…

AMGD was born through a conversation with 3 friends, lamenting how difficult it is to get healthy food that is not bland and boring. All three agreed that they are sick of long queues and even their most favourite food, they cannot eat every day!

Hence, AMGD aspires to provide delicious, healthy food to all people every day. AMGD wants you to FEEL GOOD AFTER FOOD. It wants to make truly sincere, authentic, delicious yet healthy food that has never existed before. And we are trying our best to achieve that. 

NOTE: You will see their avatars everywhere but you will never know who they are. AMGD is represented and managed by an appointed Food Rep, Li Da Foods Pte. Ltd.